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The Super Grip 6 offers great grip and protection in a light-weight, flexible and warm picking glove with full EU health & safety compliance. Nitrile-dipped palms ensure extra strong, durable grip, while the nitrile coating means that no allergic reactions are experienced by the wearer.


  • Looped lining - For extra warmth and comfort
  • Non-allergic nitrile coating - No adverse reactions to glove wear
  • Elasticated wrist - Better fit and comfort with no cold draughts
  • Nitrile dipped palm - Extra strong grip coating for durability

Recommended area of use for the FG6

This data is a recommendation only and may vary depending on personal preference of the user or circumstance of work.

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used in the garden


I do lots of gardening and got some of these for working outside in the winter and they are very warm. They are also good because they are not thick